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What is Baby Reflex?

Baby Reflex is reflexology for babies created to assist parents with the wellbeing of their child and strengthen the loving bond.

Boosting the immune system, ease colic, wind, reflux, constipation, tummy upsets, teething pains and ear congestion.

Gentle and calming for your baby, allowing you to feel confident with your baby’s needs 24 hours a day.

Easy to learn techniques in fun hands-on workshops. 

Suitable from 4 weeks old to 9 months old.

3 x Baby reflexology Workshops focusing on:


Feeding & Digesting,

Sleeping & Comforting

Wellbeing (teething & colds)

Classes run every month limited to 5 spaces

Price: £60 


“My 10 week old was having problems with bowel movement only going every few days, after one session focusing on 'feeding and digestion' he's been able to go every day, sometimes twice a day! I highly recommend Elaine, great service and a chance to share experiences and tips with other mums."

Downpatrick Business Centre

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The power of loving touch

Physical contact is essential for human survival. We all experience loving touch as babies even though we may not remember it. This creates a blue print to the development of our nervous system. Babies deprived of touch can fail to thrive, growth can be affected and their immune systems weakened.

The power of touch can easily be demonstrated through the feet. This natural connection can help baby to completely relax, they feel loved, safe and are cared for.


Reflexology is an amazing tool to help babies feel relaxed and to help them when experiencing discomfort from a range of issues.

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